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About Tiska Daventry

The Daventry club, like the others has a wide mix of karate-ka’s (students) of different abilities and range from beginner’s right through to 2nd Dan (Nidan) black belts.  The karate-ka’s range from all professional, social and cultural backgrounds, making it a great learning atmosphere, and most importantly, one that we are proud to have and be part of.

Both children and adults are increasingly attracted to Karate and the clubs have members from as young as 5 years old, to as old as 70+ years old.  Many of our karate-ka’s include families who have trained and grown together right through to black belt level and above.

In addition to our regular training sessions, our karate-ka’s also participate in association grading examinations, practical and theoretical, courses (including sai & bo weapon courses) and both national and international championships designed for all skill levels, ages and grades. 

With all the above in mind, we try to offer karate-ka’s all we can to keep them interested, motivated and challenged at all times.

Classes in Daventry

The Club Instructor

The Daventry Karate club is one of many of TISKA’s successful clubs and offers training sessions every Sunday at the Daventry Leisure Centre,(Lodge Road) in Daventry.

The Club instructor is Mr. S. S. Bharj, a fully qualified 5th Dan black belt (Godan) instructor who has been a dedicated student within TISKA since early 1990.  As well as Daventry, Mr. Bharj is also the club instructor for Nottingham, Melton Mowbray, Rushey Mead, Oakham and Market Harborough, which he teaches on various days of the week, as well as training himself under the associations Chief instructor, Mr. G. S. Sahota.

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